I’ve currently been researching the sustainability of hunting, and more specifically trophy hunting. By no means, am I a hunter, nor someone who has a desire to sit out in the woods at the crack of dawn to kill an animal. In my family there are a couple of avid hunter, and most of my family, myself included, love to fish. Most of the hunters I know hunt deer and duck, and I do not disagree with their hobby. New Hampshire as I had found in my research is one of the best examples of a well regulated hunting community.

I can’t say I agree with the way hunting animals is regulated with most other places however. Trophy hunting in southern African countries brings in a lot of potential revenue for conservation, but through my research I found that their systems are highly corrupted. It is almost unknown how much money is actually given to conserving wildlife, if it was well regulated the system would work. Tons of wealthy people for some reason like to hunt iconic (endangered) species, and they pay tens of thousands of dollars for one animal. If it could assured that this money was going directly to wildlife conservation, the sacrifice of a couple lions to save the rest would be a worth while opportunity.