As the semester has progressed, and the the further we got into this class I find myself liking to write more than I initially thought I did. I took the fall semester off, so I had not written anything of substance since the end of high school. If I am being honest, I did not think I was going to like this class, because all I remember from my previous English classes was being burnt out and tired of writing. Maybe it was the long break in between, but I found myself not dreading writing essays. The weekly essays really helped me out in getting into a sort of schedule, and to force myself to write again. Now at the end of the semester I feel a lot more comfortable with my writing. The peer reviewing brought up my confidence; I have never had an English class where we could do that.

I chose these three pieces as my portfolio because I thought they would work nicely together. Since the theme of the class was sustainability, I wanted to centralize my portfolio around that, and because sustainability and conservation are really interesting to me. I chose the commercial fishing one because it is something I am pretty passionate about. My father and I really like to fish, and he always complains about the commercialization of it. For the Chasing Coral essay, I simply chose it because the topic is interesting to me, and that I think it is one of my better pieces. My last piece was my research essay on the relationship between hunting and conservation. This topic really intrigued me, and I gained a different opinion as I finished it. I think when I chose topic that genuinely intrigue me, I write more confidently and that I like to do it.

Overall my writing process has really transformed into something that I really like. In the past I tended to panic on a topic and have little structure to my essays. Now I find myself planning, and researching more possible topics. Writer’s block does not seem to be an issue for me which is unusual, and I am positive it is because I am writing about things that make me happy. Writing personal narratives is still a struggle for me, along with most fictional writing, but hopefully I’ll get to work on that further in the future. But, as of today I feel much more comfortable with the writer side of myself.